We use an on-line process to manage our parent / guardian volunteers; Signup Genius (See the link at the bottom of this page). We post our volunteer roles that are available and allow parents / guardians to register for those roles that are the best fit. We do ask that volunteers sign-up for only the number of slots required to fulfill your volunteer commitment so slots are open for others (i.e., 4 shifts if you have one child in the program). If you volunteer for more slots than you need, we will re-open the slots beyond your volunteer level.

For our track and field meets, you may change your volunteer slot(s) up until 48 hours (i.e., Wednesday night) prior to the start of the meet. After this, the volunteer slots are locked. If you will be unable to fulfill your commitment, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Replacements may be another parent, grandparent or family member of at least high school age. Replacements will sign-in at the meet with the Parent Volunteer Coordinator and indicate that they are taking your slot so credit is properly awarded.

Note that most of our volunteer roles require no prior experience. We do hold a clinic for parents to provide training, provide some training the day of the meet and have instructional sheets. The Track & Field Volunteer Handbook which can be found on the Resources section of the website under Program Information subsection is a great resources for understanding the various roles. If you do have track and field experience, we encourage you to sign up for one of the roles where you have experience.

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